Fashion & Style News: Michelle Obama's Most Memorable First Lady Looks

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Check out Mrs. O's best looks as the First Lady of the United States. The CFB chose our own looks and truthfully, it's hard to narrow it down because in my opinion, she has many. She is a trendsetter and go-getter, a woman defined by her character and not her wardrobe, yet she manages to influence women everywhere with her poised presence and intelligence.
Who could forget the way she stood by her man Barak as he stayed on his grind to become President of the United States. She admits the road to this path wasn't always easy, but she managed to keep her head held high, support her family, and ultimately become the most admired woman in America. Never mind the haters who want to nitpick about who or what she wears. She can wear anything she wants  and wear it well. J. Crew, Narcisco Rodriguez, Tracy Reese, or Michael Kors; she looks good in it all.
Her genuine heart is clear when we see how Mr. President smiles admiringly at his lady. He holds her hand tightly when they walk, letting everyone know, 'she is mine'. What a proud man he should be to have a women like Michelle. A woman with modest roots, straight from the south side of Chicago. She is the archtype for every girl who grew up in the inner city with struggle not far behind.
Michelle is the woman who represents for the women who make it happen every day. The women who never take no for an answer even when faced with adversity. Michelle Obama is far from ordinary, she is extraordinary. She epitomizes class, beauty, and elegance even in her casual best. She's the true definition of a lady. I love you Michelle! The Chocolate Fashionistas of the World love you! Thanks for reminding the world what true lady looks like!
View the Huffington Post's favorite Michelle Obama looks here.
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