Beauty: Get a Great Pair of Legs

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The original legs: Tina Turner. 

Nothing beats a great pair of legs. Legs are the ultimate sign of femininity. There's something about them that turns heads and makes men swoon. Whether you're in a sexy dress, a short skirt, or a flattering pair of shorts, having the gams to go with them is hot!

How can you get a great pair of legs if you don't already have them? Exercise, dancing, running, climbing the stairs, pilates, or even yoga. The key to great legs is all about tone. The more tone they are the better they look.

We've seen icons like Tina Turner keep her legs in tip-top shape for more than sixty years. No doubt she's got the best legs in the business but Ciara isn't far behind. This girl should have been a model with those things. And let's not forget the leggy Naomi Campbell, her legs made her infamous, on and off the runway. Actress Regina Hall has a pretty pair too as does the girl with the umbrella, Miss Rihanna.

You remember the old saying, "nothing beats a great pair of legs." Well, it's still true.

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