Designers of Color: Angela Dean - The Queen of Deanzign

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Chocolate Fashion Blog chatted with Angela Dean of Deanzign for our Designers of Color Series last week. Deanzign designs, a favorite of Oprah Winfrey have been worn by stars like Queen Latifah, Mary Wilson, Sherri Shepherd, Halle Berry, Patti LaBelle, and the list goes on. Dean's legendary designs have graced the covers of several magazines and her fans can't get enough of her elegant designs which seem to fit a woman's curves oh so well.
O Magazine - November 2009
Angela Dean's talent and flexibility has led her to be summoned by legendary stars like Nancy Wilson and Natalie Cole to design collections for their stage performances. Starting out in a small boutique on Melrose Avenue, Dean expanded her business to become one of the most sought after designers in Hollywood. Her gowns represent the old Hollywood glamour of the 1940s and 50s. Most recently, Oprah Winfrey graced the cover of her November issue in a sassy red number. Oprah has continued to support Dean and is often photographed on the red carpet in her designs. This past week Angela presented her designs in a fashion show aptly titled Hollywood Renaissance, proving once again, that she is in it for the long haul!

Q. When did you first fall in love with fashion?
A. When I was 7 years old and I made my first pair of shorts and a scarf

Q. Give us some details about your training and or background that led you to be a designer.
A. My mother was very influential in my life .She had amazing style and made her own clothes.After graduating from high school I attended Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and soon after staring designing junior dresses.

Q. What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer?
A. The freedom of creating beautiful clothes that people love to wear.

Q. What do you enjoy least about being a fashion designer?
A. The long and grueling hours that is required to be successful.

Q. How do find inspiration for fashion? Where do you turn to get the creative juices flowing when you are designing?
A. I am inspired by old Hollywood.I love looking at old movies and and photos.

Q. What are your wardrobe must-haves?
A. Great dresses for all occasions, that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Q. Where do you shop?
A. At Deanzign!

Q. Name three of your favorite designers and tell why you love them.
A. Donna Karan is classic, Oscar De La Rentea, elegant, and Valentino glamorous.

Q. Who was the first celebrity to wear your designs? How did it make you feel?
A. Mary Wilson of the Supremes. It was one of the highlights of my life.

Q. What are your plans for your brand in the future?
A. I am planning to build a full lifestyle brand and have stores all over the world.

Visit Deanzign online!

The Chocolate Fashion Blog would also like to thank Angela Dean & Deanzign; and Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates for helping organize this interview. Thanks Lynn! 

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