CFB Photos: Ciara and Leona at Leona Lewis' Album Release Party

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

 The queen of the night, Leona does it right.

Leona Lewis has been compared to Mariah Carey since she stepped on the scene Bleeding Love in 2007. The British singer-songwriter released her second album Echo on Tuesday. Lewis' smoky vocals and wide vocal-range make her a high contender for getting to Ms. Carey status, but she'll need a few more hit albums first. Well, at least she's got the wardrobe of a star.
Ciara goes for model glam and Louboutin heels.
Okay folks, Ciara hit it on the head tonight. The svelte singer stepped out on a chic black dress and a killer pair of Christian Louboutins. Great legs and a great wardrobe do Miss Cici good. now if we can just work on those album sales...

Who looked better Leona or Ciara? Leave us your comments on their wardrobes.
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