Fashion & Style News: Loubou's Top the Luxury Shoe Brands

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Times may be hard, but designer shoemakers aren't suffering much. A report in Women's Wear Daily revealed favorite brands among shoppers.

At the top of the list, Christian Louboutin. Quite frankly, those red soles are just too hard to resist. The brand ranked high in the areas of quality, social status, uniqueness and exclusivity; and self-enhancement.

Coming in second place is Manolo Blahnik (they can thank Sex & the City), and Zac Posen, ranks third. Here's the complete list:

1. Christian Louboutin
2. Manolo Blahnik 
3. Zac Posen 
4. Balenciaga 
5. Jimmy Choo 
6. Marc Jacobs
7. Roberto Cavalli
8. Chanel 
9. Valentino 
10. Louis Vuitton 

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