Parties & Events: NFL Wives Host the Off the Market Party

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Off the Market co-founder Tia Robbins and hubby Fred.

A group of NFL Wives have joined forces to host couples only parties aptly titled Off the Market. The parties are open to athletes and their wives only. Co-founded by Tia Robbins, wife of New York Giant's defensive tackle Fred Robbins, the parties are an attempt to deter cheating and let the jump-offs know their men are taken. Will it work? Only time will tell! But it's an innovative concept nonetheless.

Former Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings defensive end Lance Johnson and wife Off the Market co-founder Jerika.

Sanya Ross and cornerback hubby Aaron of the New York Giants.
Brett and Martiza Dearing; Ashley Lynn Walker and hubby Damien of the New York Giants. 

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