Fashion & Style News: Tory Burch Opens Up Shop in Tokyo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The exterior of the Tory Burch store in Ginza, Tokyo.

Tory Burch has gone abroad, opening a flagship store in Japan. The Tokyo store is the first international store for Burch whose plans for the brand include a massive international market. There are 30 additional stores planned for Japan next year. The Tokyo store comes after an earlier opening in Manila this month.

Tory Burch executives are looking at tapping the Chinese and European markets. The Tokyo store opened December 8th, with lines of customers who waited eagerly to purchase Burch's signature ballet flats and limited edition tote bags. Ten lucky shoppers who found a "golden ticket" in their bags were able to party with Burch opening night at a separate location.

The customer base in Japan rivals that of the U.S. market, and even with slightly higher prices, the company for-sees significant growth in the market. Japanese consumers enjoy luxury brands and don't mind paying for them. Tory Burch plans to introduce a Japanese inspired collection for spring 2011 as well as introduce a beauty and fragrance collection worldwide.
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