CFB Style Scope: Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clockwise: Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, Eve and Ciara.
Scorpio women are astutely intense. Nothing gets past them, really. If they are into something or someone, they are totally into it. Half measures are not acceptable for the Scorpio, like Aries, it's all or nothing. Fashion wise she is quite selective with her clothes. Whatever she likes she buys and trends don't influence her much. She loves dark reds, black, violet, and other dark hues. The key word with the Scorpio lady is mystery.

Style Tip: Dress your eyes the way you dress your body.
Must Have Accessory: Killer heels.
Colors: Black, Burgundy, White, Navy, Violet, Cobalt
Favorite Label: Versace

Celebrity Scorpio Chocolate Fashionistas: 
Ciara - October 25th
Monica - October 25th
Gabrielle Union - October 29th
Nia Long - October 30th
Thandie Newton - November 6th
Eve - November 10th


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