Beauty: Bloomingdale's Beauty Gets a Makeover

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bloomingdale's has unveiled a new concept for its beauty department and given it a much needed makeover. I can honestly say prior to seeing the new model I had yet to make a single purchase from the store's beauty department. The sections were to spread apart, and were less than visually appealing.

Well now Bloomingdale's has stepped into the present with a high-tech, innovative concept with open counter space to create circulation. The modern look is as visually appealing as it is functional. Consumers can visit different brands and interact with the products and staff.

At the Shisedo counter, customers can remove a product from its pedestal and see monitors activate with flash product information. The Chanel counter is 878-square-feet with flexible interior space that is adaptable to different activities. The Chanel counter also features a makeup squad ready to give customers different looks and information about products.

The Bobbi Brown counter who has seen the most growth in just two weeks since the new module began has a 548-square-foot space that is inviting and relaxing. Customers can can feel right at home as they try on cosmetics and Bobbi Brown also plans to include an espresso bar in the future.

If you're a makeup and skincare product fan, Bloomingdale's beauty department is definitely the place you want to be.

Bobbi Brown

Above: Bumble & Bumble and Jo Malone

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