Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall/Winter is by far my fav time of year concerning clothes and style. The coats, the gloves, the boots,…all of it. I got wind of this hot website called 25Park.com and wanted to share my Fall/Winter hot list. The site has various designers listed with pieces of their collection.
If you don’t know I am a dress FANATIC!!

So check out my top picks from the site ...

Wallace Mini Dress (Antik Batik)---Sequin is the new black this Fall/Winter.
Taj Grecian (AKA New York))---If you miss the look and comfort of your summer maxi dresses, this is a perfect alternative to transition into Fall.
Analice Dress (Malene Birger)
Silk Dress (Jasmine Di Milo)
Draped Bandeau Dress (Ports 1961)
Asymmetrical Fan Dress (Behnaz Sarafpour)---
This dress is an awesome collaboration of classic and trendy.

For extras and accessories, I really like these pieces…
Basket Weave Pea Coat – White & Sequin Cardigan (Ports 1961)—Both of these items are classic and timeless.

Kimono Fleece Cardigan (Elizabeth and James)---Pair this with a wide belt, tights, and boots and you are ready for Fall. Font size
Justinas Jacket-yellow (By Malene Birger)---My number one MUST HAVE for Fall/Winter. Great color and I am addicted to bows right now.
Crocodile Clutch (Juliette Jake)---Keep it simple with a sassy clutch

Fran Pump-purple (Olivia Morris) ---Very unique combo, but a definite fashion forward style
Lane Necklace (Fiona Paxton) ----A statement necklace is a great way to spice up a basic look.

*This week let vibrant colors be your fashion accessory. The weather might be cooling down, but keep your fashion hot with bright colors*

Shay Couture
“I am no fashion expert, but I like to think I know what I’m talking about.”


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