Entertainment: Serius Jones Gets Serious with The Chocolate Fashion Blog

Saturday, June 5, 2010

 Time to get Serius.
We love chocolate, so of course when the inquiries started pouring in about Serius Jones, one of our most delectable men in the Chocolate Candy spotlight; we had to get the 4-1-1. The famed battle rapper/entertainer took some time out to tell The Chocolate Fashion Blog about his mission, his passion, what he likes to see a woman in, and how he got his name.

TCFB: What the story of Serius Jones and the name Serius Jones?
SJ: Well, I’m originally from New Jersey and I just kind of stumbled into the industry, battling doing my thing. I went against cats on MTV, BET, YouTube and just started making a name for myself. Right I represent a certain culture and a certain image of who I am. I have my own brand of things that I do. And I'm really just getting to the point where I can have more control over what I do. Jones was the nickname, Serius was the name of the North Star, the brightest star so I’m taking that and trying to expand and grow so I can take over the world!

TCFB: You've put out several albums and mixtapes, which are clearly gaining lots of popularity. What's your vision for Serius Jones, where do you want to go with your music?
SJ: Honestly I'm trying to focus on getting to the people. Before I try to create anything else, I want to make sure I get my artistry across and build my movement. Right now it's really happening and I'm doing my thing. I've got this movie, Life is Serius movie (Check it out on YouTube), and GetSerius.com. I'm making sure I can be diverse and put my irons in a lot of different fires. I just auditioned for a McDonald's commercial (laughs) so we'll see what happens with that. I’m definitely looking into getting into acting. Serius Business 2 will be out before the end of June. Recently I went overseas, recorded an album, and filmed three videos, so I'm real organic with it, you know? I'm moving. I'm really trying to expand in a lot of different ways and stay focused on my business and being the best I can be.

TCFB: Is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with that you haven't worked with?
SJ: Definitely, not just in the industry. Just in music. I like people with creative balance that are really inspired about doing good, classic s#$%! I want to work with people who really have an effect on culture and a global impact on music and film. I'm looking to work with anybody that understands and respects that vision. (Laughs)

TCFB: I got quite a few emails about you. The Ladies wanted to know about the handsome Chocolate Candy which is why we haven't taken your picture down. What type of lady turns Serius' head?
SJ: I'm a fun guy. I enjoy life, I'm adventurous, creative. And I like women that are like that...into life, into expression. I'm not the Super Casanova guy. (Laughs)

TCFB: What do you like to see a woman wearing?
SJ: Nothing!! Birthday suits with heels.

TCFB: Where do you shop or does someone shop for you? Who's your favorite designer?
SJ: I shop for myself and sometimes people send me things or select things for me. But I'm noticing lately that I haven't been exercising my fashion creativity to the fullest. Sometimes I'm just on the grind and buy a dozen white tees, some jeans, and sneakers and just do it. But now I really like getting clothes tailored, I like nice fabrics. I like Gucci; a pair of sneakers with a light jacket. Real cool. I like Louis Vuitton, Kangol hats. But I like to switch it up. I can do a suit one day or look like I'm on the block the next. I'm versatile with it. I try to keep it upper echelon and prestigious for the ladies though!

TCFB: Complete this sentence Money is no object when it comes to buying:
SJ: Soul!

TCFB: Any last words for our readers?
SJ: I appreciate the energy and time that you've given me. Stay tuned in to The Chocolate Fashion Blog and stop whatever you're doing and get on GetSerius.com!


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